A puzzle platformer game for the GBA (Game Boy Advance),
where you can merge items(symbols) in hands,
and use the superpower of the merged symbol.


Supported languages : English, 한국어(Korean)

Yes, this game runs on the real GBA!

You can check out the source code of this game on the GitHub repo (link below)


Source code is licensed under MIT/Expat license.

This game uses the Butano engine, which is Modern C++ game engine for the GBA.


Butano is licensed under zlib license.

Stuck on the puzzle?

Check the solution here

Disclaimer: This is an early DEMO version of the game.

The save file structure can be changed in future, corrupting the old save data.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Platformer
TagsGame Boy Advance, gbajam, gbajam2021, Puzzle-Platformer


sym_merged (Jam Demo).zip 1.1 MB

Install instructions

This game runs on the GBA (Game Boy Advance).

To run this game, you'll need either a GBA emulator, or a real GBA with a flashcart.

If you're unsure what it means, just download the mGBA emulator (link below), run it, and drag-and-drop the sym_merged.gba file.


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Mystic vibes.

(1 edit)

This is a really interesting game. I like it!

Edit: I may have softlocked myself though. gg

This looks great, I am excited to play it. Are you Korean?

Yeah, I’m Korean. And thanks for trying out this demo. I want to make this one a full game someday…


I just finished this demo, and really enjoyed it! Really nice aesthetic, and well designed puzzles - took me a bit to figure out the end! And the gravity symbol reminded me nicely of vvvvvv while giving it your own twist.

Please make more!


Thanks for playing it!    I worked really hard to design these levels.

And yeah, VVVVVV was the main inspiration of the gravity symbol.

I always thought it will work great on puzzle platformers, so I tried it myself, turns out it's way more interesting than I expected.