Rudimentary Title screen

Day 5-7

English isn't my first language, so I might write some broken English.

It's already been a week since I started my project.

Ok, what do we got today?

1. Finally, I made the title screen actually work!  well... kind of.

For now, only the language setting button works.

but at least I can move the cursor and select the option I want!

2. The game remembers your language setting.

If you reset the game with the language setting changed, that language will be shown when turned on.

This means the basic SAVE functionality was implemented.

(Actually I've almost mimicked the save class stucture from the Butano Fighter.)

I'll change the save file structure heavily from now on, so you need to delete the old save every time I update the game.

3. Changed the 한글(Hangeul, Korean alphabet) font, as I don't like the old one.

Same as before, I've put the copyright info of the font on the license/ folder.

... and Here's the result!

Oh well, this took way more time than I expected.   I spent a whole week!

I should have started earlier...

Anyways, I need to implement the actual gameplay from now on.

because we've only got 7 weeks left for the GBA Jam 2021.

github tag : Day-07

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