Edge-snapping camera

Day 15-18

English isn't my first language, so I might write some broken English.

Great, I've implemented some neat features this time!

1. Now I can specify the entrance positions, door positions in constants!

This one is similar to the symbols(items) in the last article.

I am using Tiled as a level editor, and I can use its coordinates directly on my code.  (pay attention to the red coordinates!)

(It's clear that this is a test stage.)

2. I can also specify the Zone Boundaries in constants, and the Camera snaps to them!

This time, I'm not specifying zone boundaries in fixed point numbers.

Instead, I'm using the cell indexes & dimensions in integer!

3. Added the player & doors!

If you look at the above gif image close enough, you can see the player also has a little idle animation.

4. Manages the Z-ordering

Items goes at front, the player goes after, and the door rests behind.

github tag : Day-18

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