Turning into a game

Day 30-37

English isn't my first language, so I might write some broken English.

I've been busy implementing lots of new features!     (welp, I've watched Netflix a lot, too.)

1. Shutters actually blocks player's path now!

+ So, you can't pass through shutters unless they are opened.

2. You can pick-up and put down symbols (items).

3. Move to other zones.

+ If you move to other zone, the graphics in previous zone gets unloaded,

but the logical changes (e.g. position of items) are kept intact.

4. You can bring items to other zones.

5. Add many more sound effects.

The map collision of 2x2 floating block in 2nd zone is kind of buggy right now.

I gotta fix it, or more simply not use it.

GitHub tag : Day-37

Download .gba file

Select : Enable/Disable debug view

Arrow : Move

: jump

L / R :

1. pick-up an item in Left/Right hand

2. toggle switch on the wall with Left/Right hand

↓ + L / R : put down the item in Left/Right hand

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