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Day 8-14

English isn't my first language, so I might write some broken English.

Another week passed by.

This week was all about structuring actual Game screen class.

nothing much...

1. Now I can specify the symbols(items) in constants, and it will show up on the screen.

If I specify symbols(items) like below...    (of course I omitted long lines of code)

constexpr ZoneInfo::SymbolInfo symbolInfos_[] =
    {{0, 0}, entity::Symbol::Type::BAR},
    {{30, 30}, entity::Symbol::Type::XOR}
the according symbols(items) shows up in the right position.

There goes simple BAR '|' in {0, 0} and XOR '^' in {30, 30}.

({0,0} is the center position in Butano engine).

Background is still work in progress, as you can see the weird numbers above.

I've also added debug view, which of course will not be present in actual game.

Only this one thing.

I need to get other things to the screen...

including protagonist, buttons, doors, shutters, other zones... and stuff.

github tag : Day-14

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